Spotify Expands with Full-Length Music Videos

Spotify Is Reportedly Adding Full-Length Music Videos

Spotify plans to take its video-podcast game to the next level by adding full-length music videos.

Spotify’s latest feature, secretly developed in 2023, was revealed in a recent report from Bloomberg. Despite facing challenges and making changes to their operations, the music streaming giant has kept up with their expansion. As of now, Spotify has chosen to remain silent on the topic.

The popular service is thinking about bringing full-length music videos to their platform. They have even started discussing it with potential partners. Interestingly, this rumor comes right after Spotify announced they reached a milestone of 100,000 video podcasts on their platform.

Spotify is set to compete with TikTok by embracing music videos. This move is just one part of their strategy to stay ahead of ByteDance’s growing popularity. In response, TikTok is rumored to be launching their own streaming platform. Additionally, Spotify is testing other features that have become popular on TikTok, along with other platforms.

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Introducing YouTube Music’s exciting new feature: a Shorts-like discovery feed for music videos! Now, you can easily explore and discover your favorite songs through bite-sized clips, with the option to access the full-length versions directly. Get ready for a whole new music experience!

Get ready for a game-changer in the music streaming world. Block’s Tidal, a lesser-known player, is stepping up its game with exclusive music videos, films, and more. Even better, they’re lowering their prices to just $10.99 per month. Don’t miss out on the incredible content they have to offer.

Spotify’s recent layoffs may have created concerns, but there’s more to the story. Despite letting go of some employees, the company is actively strengthening its engineering and product development departments.

Spotify posted over 50 job listings on LinkedIn in just the last 10 days of June. These listings included positions like “Director of Engineering – Awareness and Acquisition – Freemium” and “Engineering Manager – Client Platform.”

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Exciting News from Spotify: Offline Playlist Mix and a New Supremium Subscription Tier! Starting in 2023, Spotify will offer a higher-priced subscription called Supremium. This premium tier includes the long-awaited Spotify HiFi and monthly credits for audiobooks. Stay tuned for its release in non-U.S. markets!

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