Spotify Blocks Boomy Music Platform Releases

Spotify Blocks Boomy Music Platform Releases

Spotify takes a stand against alleged fake streams by removing Boomy-generated songs from their platform and halting new releases from the AI music platform.

Boomy, a five-year-old generative tech company headquartered in Berkeley, has just made an exciting announcement. In a brief message on Discord, they revealed that their AI technology now allows anyone with a smartphone to create and profit from their own original, high-quality songs. Join the revolution of the rapidly evolving music industry with Boomy’s groundbreaking technology.

Boomy has informed users that Spotify is putting a halt on new releases and removing certain projects due to the overwhelming influx of AI-generated music flooding the platform, which includes numerous minutely similar “songs.”

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Attention music lovers! If you’re a fan of Boomy, you may have noticed that Spotify APK has stopped publishing their new releases and has even removed some of their older catalog releases. But don’t worry – this decision was made in order to investigate and review any potentially suspicious activity. Stay tuned for updates on when Boomy’s latest songs will be back on Spotify!

Boomy, the AI music creation platform responsible for producing a staggering 14,414,689 songs (almost 14% of all recorded music), has confirmed that pauses in the platform’s output are expected to occur more frequently and across various platforms. This is a result of the industry’s ongoing efforts to tackle suspicious activity, including bots. Rest assured, this is a sign that Boomy is staying vigilant in the fight against fraudulent behavior and ensuring the integrity of the music industry.

Spotify clarifies that alleged fake streams, not the use of artificial intelligence to create music, caused the pulldowns and distribution pause of new Boomy-generated projects, after a circulating message caused confusion.

Major music labels like Universal Music Group are urging Spotify and other distributors to prevent the creation of AI-generated music that mimics the releases of prominent artists. While these soundalike tracks are not yet prevalent on Spotify’s platform, they are causing a stir on YouTube.

As the library of non-infringing AI releases continues to expand rapidly, it’s evident that music crafted by people and artists could be overshadowed in terms of fan interest and popularity. Even Believe has stated that it won’t distribute music solely created by AI. With AI technology gaining more momentum and funding in music and other industries, it’s logical to assume that its impact is bound to increase drastically in the near future.

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UMG CEO Lucian Grainge calls out industry cheaters at the start of 2023, exposing those who prioritize quantity over quality in music production. He asserts that the industry must remain dedicated to artists and their craft.

UMG CEO warns of damaging impact of flood of irrelevant content on streaming platforms. Urges industry collaboration to protect artist and label compensation.

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