Apple Music vs Spotify: Which one is best music app in 2023?

Spotify vs Apple Music

It isn’t easy to choose between Apple Music vs Spotify. Both of these provide amazing services. Spotify contains 433 million users and about 188 million premium subscribers worldwide. One of the most exciting things is that spotify offers free trials with an amazing music-sharing experience. On the other hand Apple Music, Apple Music also provides one of the most amazing user experiences. Apple Music currently contains 98 million users around the world. It also contains many features like well-known exclusives, a powerful library, a receiver and many modern features. Both of these services are popular and provide music streaming very efficiently. You can easily access your music library and playlists across all your devices if you are an apple user. Read More: Amazon Music vs Spotify

Moreover, Apple Music offers exclusive content, such as live radio shows and concerts. On the other hand,spotify can be used on a wide range of devices, including Android phones and smart speakers. It has a free, ad-supported version and a premium subscription service that offers features like offline listening, higher quality and the ability to skip tracks. Spotify also has a strong social component, allowing you to follow friends and musicians and share playlists with others. If you want more information regarding this, read the whole article.

1. Price and Plans

The price plans of both services are almost the same. They Offer subscription plan plans that give you access to their music catalog. Apple Music offers 3-month free trials and a single subscription plan that costs 9.99$ monthly for one person. And for families, apple music offers 14.99$ monthly family plan that includes six persons. It also provides a student plan, which is around 4.99$ monthly and is also available for students at college or university.On the other hand, Spotify also offers a three-month free trial and an ad-supported version that allows you to access its music catalog with some limitations.

PlansApple MusicSpotify
Single$10.99 per month$9.99 per month
DUO___$12.99 per moth, 2 accounts
Family$16.99 per month,
6 accounts
$16.99 per month,
6 accounts
Student$5.99 per month$4.99 per month
Annual Plan$109.99 per year$99 per year
Free TrialYesYes

Spotify’s premium subscription plan costs 9.99$ monthly for a single person, and the family plan costs $ 14.994 monthly for six persons. Spotify also provides a student plan, which costs 4.99$ monthly and is available only for students currently enrolled in college or university. Both Services are quite similar, with some differences in student plan requirements. Both services offer special promotions such as discounts for new users or bundled plans with other services.

Winner: Spotify

2. Music Library

Apple Music vs Spotify are both amazing music streaming platforms and contain massive music libraries, and there are some differences in their catalogs and exclusive content. For many years, Apple Music has been known for its strong integration with iTunes, a popular music platform. As a result, Apple Music has a vast music library of songs and offers exclusive content, such as live radio shows, artists’ interviews, and concerts. It also offers exclusive albums and singles from popular artists.

On the other hand, spotify also has a huge music library and offers a range of exclusive content such as podcasts, music videos, and live performances. However, its library may not be as extensive as apple music’s regarding exclusive content. Its focus is on personalized playlists, with its “weekly discover” and “daily mix”playlists being highly popular among users. Spotify contains over 8 million songs with 4.7 million podcasts, while apple music contains 100 million songs.

Winner: Apple Music

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3. Sound quality

Sound Quality of Apple Music
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Both music streaming applications provide high-quality sound quality, but the quality can vary depending on your settings and plan. Spotify provides three different sound quality options to its users the first one is “normal,” the second is “high,” and “very high.” The sound quality of a normal one is about 96 kilobits per second, which is good for mobile devices. The other one is high, about 160 kilobits per second. It is a very good quality sound for desktop devices. The last one is very high, about 320 kilobits per second. It is extremely high and recommended for premium users who want the best listening experience for those who want to listen to their favorite without a single distraction.

On the other hand, Apple Music Offers a higher bitrate than spotify standard bitrate of apple music, which is about 2256 kilobits per second. Moreover, it offers lossless and high-resolution audio options, providing even higher-quality audio for music lovers. Sound quality depends upon the quality of your electronic equipment; the most important thing is your internet connection.

Winner: Apple Music

4. Availability

Availabilty of Spotify
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Both music streaming platforms are available in many countries, but the exact availability depends upon your location. Apple Music is available in over 170 countries,including in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries. Moreover, apple music works on devices including iphone, iPads, Macs, and apple watches. On the other hand, Spotify is available in 90 countries. It is also available in the United states, Canada, the United Kingdom etc. Spotify can be used on Android phones, speakers, and more devices. It also allows you to share the playlists with your friends or family or see theirs.

Winner: Apple Music

5. Playlist and curated content

AppleMusic vs Spotify is a music streaming application offering a range of playlists and curated content that will help you discover new music and explore different genres. Apple Music offers personalized playlists updated weekly or based on your listening history. It also offers genre-specific radio stations such as hip-hop, country and pop. On the other hand, Spotify also creates a range of playlists and offers genre-specific radio stations such as “today’s top hits and more.

6. Social Media

Spotify on Social Media

Spotify and apple music both offer social features that allow users to connect with friends and share music on social media platforms. Spotify’s social features include following friends and seeing what they are listening to. Share playlists and individual tracks on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. At the same time, apple music also includes the ability to follow friends and see what they are listening to and share playlists and individual tracks on a social media platform like Facebook.

Winner: Spotify

7. Interface

Spotify and apple music both have user-friendly interfaces, but there are some differences in the way they are designed and organized. Spotify’s interface is designed around its main menu, accessed by clicking the “Home” button. Now, you can access sections of the app such as “browse etc. Apple Music interface is designed around the bottom navigation bar, which provides quick access to key features like the “Library search and radio sections.

Winner: Draw

8. Browser playback

Browser playback
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Both Apple Music and Spotify offer browser playback. You can listen to music directly from your web browser without downloading or installing software. You can easily listen to your favorite song from browser playback of both services.

Winner: Draw

Apple Music vs Spotify: Value

Regarding value, both platforms offer similar pricing plans for their premium subscription plans. Spotify offers a free plan for a month and others, while apple music also provides free music. Bothhavea music library. Apple Music’s over 70 million, and Spotify has about 75 million exclusive content and has a history of offering exclusive content, such as early access to certain albums or live performances.

Apple MusicSpotify
Price and Plans✔️
Music Library✔️
Sound quality✔️
Social Media✔️
Browser playback✔️✔️

Winner: Apple Music

Final Verdicts

I hope all doubts regarding Apple Music vs Spotify are clear now that both offer excellent music streaming services with a few differences in features and pricing. Apple Music provides aminimalistic interface, high-quality streaming (up to 256 kilobits per second), exclusive content and early access to certain albums, and compatibility with apple devices. At the same time,spotify is a dynamic interface, higher quality streaming options for premium subscribers, original content such as podcasts, and huge compatibility with other devices. Both platforms provide similar prices.  Interface, playback options, exclusive content and many more.

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